Professor Anvari

Taught manufacturing and industrial systems engineering courses at the University of Michigan for five years where he received his three engineering degrees, and as an adjunct professor he teaches project and cost management at local universities in the Washington DC area. 

In his early career he worked at General Motors as a production engineer and later as an operations research and systems analyst at the cost and economic analysis center in Washington DC.

Mort is currently the ASA (FM&C) Lean Six Sigma (LSS) deployment director and DASA(CE) programs and strategy director where he oversees process improvement initiatives, economic studies validation, cost benefit analysis, and risk and uncertainty analysis in support of major defense programs.

Mort is Defense Acquisition University Level III Certified in Business Financial Management (BFM), and Business Cost Estimating (BCE). Mort has  received several professional awards that includes the 2006 DoD modeling and simulation award.

In his public lectures, Mort stimulates cost culture debates among government and industry leaders and managers. Professor Anvari has repeatedly appeared on live television programs analyzing the political economy of the Middle East.

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Cost Analysis and Cost Management


Analyzing Contract Cost - on Acquisition Page

Engineering Economy

Cost Analysis and Estimating

Excel Practice Test

Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) 4 Days Training

Exercise pdf

Cost Benefit Analysis Concepts and Practice

Global Economy

Cost Benefit Analysis docs

MacroEconomics (Principles, Applications, and Tools)

Cost Control - on Accounting Page

Managerial Economics (Tools for Decision Makers)

Cost Management

MicroEconomics (Theory and Applications with Calculus)

Cost Management 101

Principles of MacroEconomics

Cost Management 4 Days Training

Acquisition & Contracting

Cost Management Basics

Acquisition Business Management - BCF211

Cost Management Certificate Course (CMCC)

Analyzing Contract Cost

Cost Risk Analysis

Business Intelligence -on Cost Accounting Page

Costing Related 

Cost Control -on Cost Accounting Page

Earned Value Management (EVM) - on Acquisition Page

Cost Risk Analysis - on Cost Analysis Page

Health Care Cost

Earned Value Management (EVM)

Intermediate of Cost Analysis and Management  (ICAM)


Labor Rates

Financial Statements -on Cost Accounting Page

Principles of Cost Analysis and Management  (PCAM)

Labor Rates - on Cost Analysis Page

Software Cost Estimating

LSS for Services Book - 0n Cost Accounting Page

Welfare Econ & Cost Benefit Analysis

Project Management

Cost Accounting

Project Management: A Managerial Approach

Accounting Excel Template

Risk Management

Accounting Theory

Risk Management & Insurance

Advanced Accounting

Software Cost Estimating -  on Cost Analysis Page

Banking Systems

Systems Analysis and ERP

Business Intelligence: A Managerial Approach

Data Warehousing

Cost Control

Decision Support and Business Intelligence Systems

Financial Accounting Theory

E- Commerce

Financial Statements

Electronic Commerce Fundamentals

Intermediate of Cost Analysis and Management (ICAM)

Enterprise Management Information Systems

LSS for Services Book

Enterprise Resource Planning

Management Accounting

Enterprise Systems for Management

Options Futures & Derivatives

Systems Analysis

Principles of Cost Analysis and Management (PCAM)

Systems Analysis and Design Methods

Management Science

Mathematical Modelling

Introduction to Management Science

Calculus for Scientist and Engineers

Managerial Decision Modeling

Mathematical Modelling

Operations and Supply Chain Management

Probability & Statistics for Engineers & Scientists

Operations Management

Regression Analysis (2nd Course in Statistics)

Principles of Operations Management

Regression Analysis Case Studies

Supply Chain Management

Statistics for Business and Economics

Computer Networking

Statistics for Business Decision Making & Analysis

Data Communication

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